nature immersions


Each February, we gather a maximum of 10 to witness the end of winter and early spring as the daffodils bloom and the garden begins to transform from winter to summer crops.

Itinerary can be customized to your needs at the time, or engage in an authorship project that includes writing, reflection, and exploring in nature.

Extend your bootcamp experience by arriving early or returning. Discounts for participating in multiple experiences.



all things Food:
from Garden to Table,
from Pottery to Found Object,

from Writing to Visual Narrative,
from Craft and Drawing to Graphic Design,
to Nourishment of the Belly, Heart and Mind

At the end of every May, we have a multidisciplinary experience immersion resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that may inspire your creative practice. One of the best forms of brain power is engaging in hand craft.



Spend the month of June in an intensive residency with a focus on community and narrative. This can be independently driven or guided with Val as your coach and would mean research and production in any of the following:

- narrative or non-linear narrative & story
- memory, feelings/thoughts, identity

- community, place, history

- socio-economic issues

- place / river, terrain, Appalachia, Natchez Trace, etc.

- disciplinary: human-centered design, citizen designer, design for social good, or personal project in this focus.



Escape the hubbub and chaos of the new year. With a pandemic looming until possibly 2022, this is a good opportunity to be slow and intentional in a retreat setting. Spend time learning a new skills, refining items in your portfolio, or figure out a way to integrate craft into your practice.

This is a time of reboot, reignition, rejuvenation and making resolutions for your professional path.
Minimum stay is 3 nights but you can extend up to several weeks, especially if you would prefer to have a quiet holiday.

> What better way to learn design and creativity or give yourself a creative boost but an adult camp style workshop immersion in nature.