Coach Val's coursework gives you practical skills and a guided plan to expand your creative box to embrace critical thinking and a sense of being in the world that becomes a life philosophy. With these courses you will discover, or rediscover, the sense of wonder and the benefit of wandering (phsyically and mentally). These are courses that would be listed at your preferred college as Intro to Design or Typography 1 or 2 or Advanced level in two dynamic courses.
And this is just the start of the 5 courses!

based on 25 years of interactions with college students (majors and non-majors) and a successful quest to move from professor to coach, leaving the teach like you were taught method in the dust, this program brings innovation and definitely more than just a dose of fun in the learning to provide a comprehensive foundation for the design industry in today's rapidly changing society in the midst of pandemic and beyond.





  1. Innovative curriculum
  2. Better than D.I.Y. because you get projects and support
  3. Series of courses that provide a comprehensive design program that is more affordable than traditional brick/mortar colleges
  4. A coaching methodology not a teach-the-way-you-were-taught
  5. Emphasis on creative thinking and the design process not digital tool
  6. Instruction on digital tools but assignments based on the creative problem-solving not limiting you to only being a production artist
  7. Please consider that the digital tools are pervasive and readily available which means that the D.I.Y. movement is reducing the need for specialized design skills that used to be required with a college degree. Artificial intelligence is already creating inexpensive methods for people to create their own design projects from logos to brochures using templates or drag and drop technology. So WHY do designers need to have a college degree (hint: it's not as important anymore)?
  8. Design is not just sprinkling magic fairy dust onto a computer and out comes an image. There is considerable thinking that goes into successful visual communication and this program will give you that type of training.
  9. Assistance with creating a quality portfolio.
  10. Support on Facebook and the internal coursework.
  11. Work when you are most productive rather than being forced to take an in-person class at some random time whether it be 8am or a night class.