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> Once you have completed the bootcamp intensive, join others in a cultural immersion. These courses emphasize Designer as Author from different perspectives.

> Designer as Author as a disciplinary focus in the 80s and 90s at the advent of Postmodernism. No longer were designers the invisible person behind a communication. Commercial art in the height of corporate modernism allowed for those practicing artists to sign their names to work while the designers behind the scenes got little recognition. The professional association for graphic design - AIGA - was established in 1914 as a means to creating a resource for professional development, an historical archive, and an acknowledgement of the work innovators contributed to the industry as some of the primary mechanism of the national organization.

> The Designer as Author movement allowed for designers to contribute to the entire body of work from creating all of the written content, ideation, and beyond to publish in some cases self-publishing. Today's technology allows for authorship in self-publishing even more than before. This work goes beyond artists books which are one-of-a-kind pieces.

> The Dublin and Italy trips emphasize the literary side of the book story - from following the path of famous writers to learning about the early advent of the printing industry. Participants will journal, photograph and otherwise document the experience to create a final artifact.

> The Japan trip will be a broad-based cultural immersion but will have components of the history of the book as well as hand craft bookbinding practice and a look at the Ukiyo-e woodblock technique as a highlight. This experience will be documented by journal, photography and other methods to gather enough material to translate your experience in place into a book.


the love

& life of...

The epitome of bootcamp intensive immersion is a travel experience. This course is all about books from a variety of perspectives. Spend a week learning about the history of the book, traveling a literary path, and see sights of the cultural space.




Designer As Author

Experience in Place

A variation on the Love of Books course, this travel immersion experience with an emphasis on nature, seasons, and Japanese culture gives you the opportunity to be an author. Designer as Author has been an aspect of the design discipline for many years. This opportunity allows you to transform experience in place into your own book whether it is more written journal, photographic based, or an artist book. You'll even learn bookbinding.


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